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User Guide for EL-Functors 1.0.2

Building from Source

The source is available in the EL-Functors-src-version.jar archive. The project is built using Apache Ant. Support for an Eclipse workspace is also provided. In either case, edit the top level file first to update the local paths to the library dependencies (some JavaEE5 libraries from the app-server install and the JUnit4 jar for unit testing).

With ANT

Run ant lib to build the main library, or ant tests to build the library and run the unit-tests.

With Eclipse

  1. Edit the top level file.
  2. Run ant eclipse to create Eclipse/el-functors.userlibraries.
  3. Select the top level folder as an Eclipse Workspace.
  4. Import the user library definitions to your Eclipse workspace.
  5. Add the projects to your Eclipse workspace for the top level folders:
    • FunctorResolver
    • UnitTests
    • JSP-Sample
    • JSF-Sample