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User Guide for EL-Functors 1.0.2


There are two sample applications to illustrate how the library can be used within JSP or Faces pages.

JSP Sample

The JSP sample illustrates how to use the library in a purely JSP application. The web.xml descriptor must include the following fragment to trigger activation of the EL-Resolver.


Pages included in this sample are:

basic.jsp Lists the same expressions as shown in the Quick Start section, and shows the result of their evaluation.
ping.jsp Reports values from the current request and environment.
checkRole.jsp Dynamically checks whether the currently authenticated user is in a given role.

JSF Sample

The JSF sample illustrates how to use the library in a JSF application. For JSF pages, the EL-Resolver is automatically added to the enviroment (via the faces-config.xml file from the library JAR), so the servlet context listener is not required.